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The web wasn’t designed with classrooms in mind

Imagine a web designed for Schools, Libraries & Students

Imagine it was 1995 again and the web was being built with schools in mind.

Imagine a web built for the classroom with pages rated by an amazing machine learning software system built by world-class Phd experts in natural language. Where every page returned in search results matches the school reading age required.

All sources for the have been hand checked by teachers for relevance to the curriculum. All pages are indexed on a modern 1 to 5 readability score developed by Wizenoze and powered by search.

* Search the web for results matched to reading age level.

* Over 6 million indexed pages from trusted site sources.

* Sources checked by teachers for relevance to the curriculum.

Internet reimagined for Schools, Libraries & Students

About Wizenoze

We all want our stories and messages to be fully understood by the reader. Yet more often than not, we’re further from achieving this aim than we think.

The WizeNoze mission is to help improve readability. The web for classrooms is the flagship product for our mission to close the readability gap for students.

What’s the readability gap? It can be best described as the difference between the reading level of the visitor and the reading level of the text they are reading. It is widest for school-age students and second language learners.

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