Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you creating Web for Classrooms?
Students lose so much valuable time while searching for information on the internet using one of the large search engines, such as Google. Most of the information found on the internet is not relevant or appropriate for students. It is also very hard to process the overload of information that the internet offers and students have trouble evaluating whether websites are trustworthy. On top that, most information on the internet are written at a high reading level and are simply too difficult for students to read and understand. That’s why we developed a solution to these problems: Web for Classrooms.  Using Web for Classrooms, you will find the answer to your question quicker than using any other search engine. You will be shown results which match your age and reading skills. Results include only (suitable) informational websites, not commercial or social platforms, nor websites aimed at entertainment. This will save you lots of time and distraction.
What is the difference between Google and Web for Classrooms?
Google searches the whole Internet and shows you everything including advertisements and online shops. Web for Classrooms only searches within a white-listed index of manually curated, trusted websites. There are over 8 million web pages indexed at the moment in Web for Classrooms. Web for Classrooms will only show you results that match the average reading level of your age group. Web for Classrooms is really handy when it comes to searching for information to learn about a subject, write a report or prepare for a school presentation. Of course, you can also search for information just for fun.
What do the coloured circles on top of the search results page mean?
The coloured circles indicate the reading level of the results presented. There are five different levels ranging from easy to hard, colored from light to dark. Select your age and results are presented that match the average reading level for your age. You can change the colour if you would like to read easier or harder texts. You will be shown search results with different colours (from both lower and higher reading levels) if there is no or not enough information available about the subject you are looking for.
Who can use Web for Classrooms?
Web for Classrooms can be used by anyone who can read and wants to find age appropriate, informational material online that matches his/her reading skills. Are you between the ages of 7 and 18? And do you want to find reliable information for your schoolwork that you can understand online? Web for Classrooms is a perfect solution for you.
Why can't I find what I'm looking for?
It could be 1 of 2 things:
We were not able to find any suitable web pages about the topic you were looking for. Please, let us know if you managed to find suitable information about this topic using tools other than Web for Classrooms. Submit a new website
We were not able to find information about the topic you are looking for that uses language that is suited for your reading level. You might want to try a higher reading level. Please, let us know your topic for which you could not find readable information and we will work on enriching Web for Classrooms for this topic area. Contact us at
Can I watch YouTube videos via Web for Classrooms?
Yes, we have also included YouTube videos from trusted educational YouTube channels. Definitely not all YouTube videos are suitable for Web for Classrooms. A lot of YouTube channels included in Web for Classrooms are linked to websites which are already part of Web for Classrooms. YouTube also features channels with classes taught by teachers. These videos are also included. We plan on adding lots of new videos in the future. Is there a channel you are looking for? Let us know! Submit a new website.
What can I do when I’m missing a website on Web for Classrooms?
We probably haven’t found all the suitable information available on the Internet for students. There are always hidden pearls we did not discover yet. Did you discover a good website that is not available in Web for Classrooms? Please, help us enrich Web for Classrooms by submitting your website. It’s important to make sure that the information is reliable. The website’s creators need to prove they know a lot about the specific domain(s) in question. We will always check to make sure this is the case.
What are your plans?

Web for Classrooms will never be finished. We keep adding new websites as much as possible. And we keep thinking of new ways to add value for students and teachers. These are the things we are working on right now.

  • A teacher’s version of Web for Classrooms in which information can be found through a Curriculum interface.
  • Topic search: browse Web for Classrooms by topics.
Who created Web for Classrooms?

‘Web for Classrooms’ was created by Wizenoze, a technology company that aims to facilitate access to a more relevant, reliable and readable internet for children, young adults, speakers of other languages, and older learners.

Wizenoze was founded in September 2013 and is based in Amsterdam and London. The team consists of 15 International Scientists (Ph.D’s), Teachers, Information Specialists, Developers and Marketing. Wizenoze have been granted prestigious innovation funding awards from Google and the Dutch Government.